Ready to Automate Your Social Media Posts?

Already have MeetEdgar and need help?

Struggling to fill up your library?

Wondering how often and when and where you should post?

I’ve been there.

I started using MeetEdgar and crashed into a learning curve that had me wondering if this was going to work the way I like to do social media.

I wasn't always sure the set-it-and-forget-it approach was a good thing. I was all in for automating parts of the process but I didn't want to lose the personal touch.

Making connections, finding new contacts and having the ability to virtually "meet" anyone online was why I embraced social media in the first place.

I finally realized that spending time posting meant less time connecting. That's when I knew that using MeetEdgar would work for me.

It frees me up to connect. To listen and respond.

Create Curate Automate

Using MeetEdgar helps extend your social media budget. It means reaching more of the right people with valuable content. When we add our keyword-strategy you’ll see more engagement, more followers, more likes, and best of all, more clients.

Setup Package

*MeetEdgar account not included in set up package price*

If you are a new MeetEdgar user (or you have your account on pause till you figure it out) you’re going to love this! Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A 30 minute strategy call
  • The getting started guide
  • Up to 5 RSS feeds set up and curated
  • Fully implemented calendar of posts
  • Past content review
  • Library build out of 150 pieces of content
  • Email Support for one month after your set up is completed
  • 1:1 Wrap Up Training Call
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Fine print: MeetEdgar Set Up is not affiliated with the MeetEdgar company. This service was created after several copy clients wanted a better way to get their message out in a larger way via social media. All the strategies and tactics used in the set up and content library creation were created by the MeetEdgar Set Up team.